Things you need to know before buying a purse

Things you need to know before buying a purse

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Do you need a new purse? If you are looking for quality but the offers are low and the prices are too high, don't worry, to avoid any mistake from being made we will give you 7 tips you should consider before buying.

A purse is not like a t-shirt, if you want a long lasting purse then you need to make the right decision, some of the things we need to think of are our taste of course, the usage and our budget.

to help you decide best and based of your needs we have found 7 important questions you need to ask yourself before, some of them will make you think about buying an original one or a fake that you will regret, so take this opportunity to think about the purse you really want and need.

What does my purse means to me?

Before talking prices you need to think what does your purse means to you, how special it is or will be, is this the first purse you're investing in? Is it a gift, do you need to change it or you simply loved it?

For us it means “The purse you want to take everywhere” because we think that the purse is the key complement that stands out.

What will I carry?

This question will help you choose the right size of your purse, do you normally take a lot of things with you all the time? Or maybe you prefer something smaller, think about your previous purses and how worn out they were, which ones have you used more? Was it the weight? If any of this questions apply to you then it's time to make the right choice, also you will eventually find out if the smaller sizes were useful or not.

Hand purse? Tote bag or envelope clutch? Soft or tough?

The shape of your bag depends on your lifestyle, if you want the purse to hang from your shoulders you also need to think about how it could damage your clothes if you are always carrying something heavy, on the other hand it is also important to consider the colours, are they coming off? Is the material good? Is it easy to clean? We know its a little difficult to predict the exposure of the purse but its also important to prevent by considering all this factors

Will I wear it every day? The whole year? Are you looking for a purse to use in summer only?

By answering this questions you will choose the right colour and material; Did you know we tend to use the lighter purses and the most colorful ones in summer? But if you are looking for a purse to use everyday in every occasion then you need to consider the colour of your clothes, shoes and come up with some combinations in order to adjust your purse to them, this will help you a lot when choosing one.