How to install a TV Wall Mount

How to install a TV Wall Mount

if you finish placing the couch, the minibar for the beers, the speakers and everything you need for your game room, then it’s time to set your TV wall mount in any corner and it needs to be placed high enough so it can be seen from any place in the room. We will explain step by step how to properly install it so you can enjoy your favorite movies from the best angle.

Here are the steps

First you need to choose the wall mount that best fits your TV and it is important to consider the size as well as some other things, you need to make sure you have a drill, hammer, tape measure, drill bits, screwdriver, bubble level, gloves and goggles. In our website you will find different TV wall mounts at very good prices.


Once you have all the materials previously mentioned the next step is to locate the spot on the wall were the wall mount will be placed, place it on the wall so you can mark the spot that will be drilled.


Don’t forget the gloves and goggles so you can start drilling, it is important to remember that the wooden blocks have to fit in the holes you are going to drill, then you need to place the wooden blocks and use to hammer to make them fit entirely, lastly we need to place the wall mount and screw it to the structure of the wall using reinforced screws.


The last step is to place the TV wall mount and hang it in the wall structure, use some screw caps and you can start enjoying the incredible set up you have.


Remember! It is important to know that the wall is made with aluminum that is placed 16 inches between the support and that is where you should place the wall mount.

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