Yara Moi by Lattafa Eau de Parfum for Women 3.4 oz
Yara Moi by Lattafa Eau de Parfum for Women 3.4 oz


Yara Moi by Lattafa Eau de Parfum for Women 3.4 oz

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Yara Moi by Lattafa: A Symphony of Elegance and Sweet Reverie

Embark on a journey of exquisite femininity with Yara Moi, a fragrance by Lattafa designed for the discerning woman who appreciates the finer things in life. This olfactory masterpiece is a harmonious composition, blending the richness of jasmine, the sweetness of caramel, and the warmth of precious woods.

At the very beginning, the top notes weave a delightful tapestry with the succulent sweetness of peach and the floral allure of jasmine. This initial burst is like the opening act of a captivating performance, setting the stage for a fragrant experience that is both graceful and enchanting.

As Yara Moi unfurls its aromatic layers, the heart notes reveal a delectable duet of caramel and amber. This sweet accord adds a luscious depth to the composition, creating an olfactory journey that is reminiscent of indulgent treats and warm embraces.

In the base notes, the fragrance settles into a timeless and lasting embrace. Patchouli adds an earthy richness, while sandalwood provides a velvety warmth. Together, they create a finale that lingers on the skin, like a cherished memory that transcends time.

Yara Moi is more than just a fragrance; it's a manifestation of elegance and sweet reverie. With its carefully curated notes, it captures the essence of femininity and sophistication. Let Yara Moi be your olfactory signature, a fragrance that envelops you in a delicate aura of grace and allure, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.


TOP NOTES: Peach, Jasmine

MIDDLE NOTES: Caramel, Amber

BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Sandalwood