Summer Forever by Maison Alhambra Eau de Parfum for Women 3.4 oz
Summer Forever by Maison Alhambra Eau de Parfum for Women 3.4 oz

Maison Alhambra

Summer Forever by Maison Alhambra Eau de Parfum for Women 3.4 oz

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Summer Forever by Maison Alhambra: A Floral Symphony of Eternal Sunshine

Indulge in the everlasting essence of summer with Summer Forever, a fragrance by Maison Alhambra designed for women who embrace the timeless allure of blooming flowers and warm sunshine. This olfactory masterpiece is a harmonious composition, blending the luscious sweetness of plum, the floral elegance of jasmine, and the earthy richness of patchouli.

At the very outset, the top notes create a vibrant melody — the succulent sweetness of plum, the subtle sensuality of leather, and the ethereal charm of white flowers. This initial burst is like the first rays of the morning sun, setting the stage for a fragrant journey that encapsulates the spirit of an everlasting summer.

As Summer Forever unfolds, the heart notes reveal a blossoming bouquet of jasmine and labdanum. These floral accords intertwine, creating an aromatic tapestry that is both luxurious and captivating. It's a midsection that resonates with the warmth and elegance of a sunlit garden in full bloom.

In the base notes, the fragrance settles into a velvety and lasting embrace. Raspberry imparts a juicy sweetness, patchouli adds an earthy depth, and amber provides a golden warmth. Together, they create a finale that lingers on the skin, like the memory of a blissful summer day.

Summer Forever is more than just a fragrance; it's an olfactory celebration of eternal sunshine and floral splendor. With its carefully curated notes, it captures the essence of timeless beauty and the joy of everlasting summers. Let Summer Forever be your aromatic companion, a fragrance that encapsulates the spirit of eternal sunshine and blooms, leaving a trail of delightful memories wherever you go.


TOP NOTES: Plum, Leather, White Flowers

MIDDLE NOTES: Jasmine, Davana, Labdanum

BASE NOTES: Raspberry, Patchouli, Benzoin, Amber