Royale Amethyst By Zakat Eau de Parfum 2.7 oz Unisex
Royale Amethyst By Zakat Eau de Parfum 2.7 oz Unisex


Royale Amethyst By Zakat Eau de Parfum 2.7 oz Unisex

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Discover the elegance of Royale Amethyst by Zakat, a truly enchanting unisex perfume designed to captivate and charm. This fragrance begins with a zesty burst of citrus, highlighted by the invigorating top notes of Bergamot, Pink Pepper, and Hedione. These elements set the stage for a complex and intriguing scent profile that evolves beautifully over time.

Fresh Citrus and Spicy Openness

Royale Amethyst opens with a refreshing blend of Bergamot and Pink Pepper. Bergamot offers a bright, citrusy note that is both uplifting and energizing, while Pink Pepper adds a touch of spice that introduces an element of intrigue. Hedione enhances this combination with a subtle floral undertone, creating a harmonious balance that feels both vibrant and sophisticated.

Luxurious Floral Heart

As Royale Amethyst develops, the fragrance transitions into a rich and opulent heart. Here, the perfume reveals its floral complexity through a lush bouquet of Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose, and Egyptian Jasmine. Bulgarian Rose contributes a deep, velvety quality, while Turkish Rose adds a hint of sweetness. Egyptian Jasmine provides a radiant, aromatic finish, together forming a heart that is both elegant and alluring.

Warm Vanilla and Amber Base

The foundation of Royale Amethyst is built upon a warm, sensual base of Madagascar Vanilla and Amber. Madagascar Vanilla lends a creamy, sweet richness that complements the floral heart beautifully. Amber adds a golden, resinous warmth, enhancing the fragrance’s depth and longevity. This combination ensures that Royale Amethyst lingers on the skin with a captivating, sophisticated allure.

A Fragrance for Every Occasion

Royale Amethyst is designed to be versatile, making it suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re heading to a formal event or a casual outing, this unisex perfume adapts seamlessly to your needs. Its balanced blend of citrus, spice, floral notes, and warm base creates a scent that is both dynamic and enduring. The perfume’s elegant composition ensures it leaves a lasting impression, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate a refined and versatile fragrance.

Elegance in Every Drop

Experience the luxurious charm of Royale Amethyst by Zakat, where each drop offers a sophisticated olfactory journey. From its sparkling top notes to its warm, embracing base, this perfume delivers a well-rounded and captivating scent profile. Ideal for anyone who desires a fragrance that combines freshness with depth, Royale Amethyst stands out as a testament to fine perfumery.


TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, and Hedione

HEART NOTES: Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose, and Egyptian Jasmine

BASE NOTES: Madagascar Vanilla and Amber