Chifon Rouge By Emper Eau De Parfum 3.4 oz Women
Chifon Rouge By Emper Eau De Parfum 3.4 oz Women


Chifon Rouge By Emper Eau De Parfum 3.4 oz Women

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TOP NOTES: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Lemon.

HEART NOTES: Rose, Orange Blossom, Jasmine.

BASE NOTES: Leather, Praline, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Musk.

Chifon Rouge pour femme by Emper, is a mesmerizing fragrance that epitomizes sophistication and allure. Crafted by the renowned Emper Perfumes & Cosmetics, this exquisite perfume is imported all the way from Dubai, embodying the essence of luxury and refined taste. Designed especially for the sensitive and discerning women, Chifon Rouge captivates the senses with its unparalleled beauty.

At the outset, a burst of citrusy freshness greets the senses, as the zesty notes of grapefruit and lemon dance upon the air. Their vibrant and invigorating presence enlivens the composition, awakening the spirit with a bright and effervescent energy.

As the fragrance unfolds, a bouquet of roses and jasmine blooms at the heart, their delicate and intoxicating petals releasing a sensual and enchanting aroma. In the depths of Chifon Rouge, a sensual and intriguing blend emerges. Leather adds a touch of allure and sophistication, its rich and supple aroma casting an enigmatic veil over the fragrance. Praline adds a delectable sweetness, like a confectionery indulgence that titillates the senses and invites playful desire. Sandalwood, with its creamy and velvety facets, creates a warm and comforting embrace. Musk, with its velvety and seductive touch, adds a layer of captivating magnetism.

Its lingering presence weaves an enchanting trail, leaving a lasting impression that entices and intrigues. Patchouli, earthy and mysterious, adds depth and complexity to the fragrance.