The Ultimate Guidance to buy a TV Wall Mount

The Ultimate Guidance to buy a TV Wall Mount

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We all know watching your favourite series in the perfect TV is one of the pleasures of life. Exhausted, you get home late from work, and all you want is to lay down in something soft and forget about the troubles of the world.

So, you enter your home, you put away your keys and change into some comfortable clothes. Your perfectly comfy armchair receives you with open arms as you sit down on its cushion, a steaming cup of coffee in your hand, ready for some quality relaxation time. Your beautiful 70 inch television is waiting for you to turn it on so it can show you all the films, series and shows it has to offer you, but as you grab the remote control to do so, you realize your perfect TV is lying on the floor, without something to hold it to the wall.

What use is it to have a comfortable armchair, a steaming cup of coffee and a 70 inch TV, if you don't have the most necessary object of them all? How are you going to relax and watch your favourite show if you don't have the ideal TV Wall Mount to hold your TV to the wall?

Fear not, the solution is right in your grasp.

Your cosy armchair can wait, right now, grab your keys, jump into your car, and head straight for CompuBoutique, because you know it's the only place where not only you will get the exact right wall mount for your TV, it will also be for an affordable price, and with the best attention and product quality.

But that's not all. We want to make sure you make the right decision when buying your TV Wall Mount, so here I will tell you about the 4 different types of Wall Mounts from which you can choose from, and I will give you some tips about what are the things to have in mind when purchasing a wall mount, so when you arrive at our store, you will know exactly what you need.

There are 4 types of wall mounts: Fixed, with Tilt and Swivel, Ceiling and Flexible.

Fixed wall mounts are for those that wish to place the TV in a fixed place where you do not have to move the television. This is a relatively cheap way of assembly, in which the television can be placed well attached to the wall. It cannot be adjusted, so you always look at your TV from the same angle.