Learn how to use a hair iron for a healthier hair

Learn how to use a hair iron for a healthier hair

Tips to use a hair iron the correct way

Nowadays more than 60% of clients who come to the Salon use hair irons at least once a week. If you are within this group then get your pen ready and start taking notes so you can use your hair iron properly and start showing a healthier, stronger, and beautiful hair.

Good hydration

It is important to always keep your hair well hydrated and nourish. If your problem is lack of time then we recommend you a cleaning reconstructive treatment for your hair, a good idea would be Re.Store by Kevin Murphy, it is a fruits enzyme concentrated very rich in nutrients that repairs dry and damaged hair with each wash.

Careful with temperature

Make sure you regulate the temperature depending on the state of your hair. If your hair is too fragile then the temperature should be set between 120° and 150°. For thin resistant hair, the temperature should be between 150° and 180°. For normal resistant hair you can do 180°, for thick resistant hair the temperature should be between 190° and 210°, some hair irons can reach up to 230° but do not attempt to use that temperature since its meant to be used at Salons for the keratin treatment that it requires.

Always wear a heat protector

Before using any tool you need to make sure you are using a heat protector in order to avoid your hair from getting damaged or loose bright, always remember that before using your hair iron your hair need to be completely dry, it can’t be wet otherwise it will burn.

Do not iron more than two times

It is important to avoid ironing hair locks more than 2 times, the trick is to go slow with the first to make sure the second one is better and this way the hair will be well ironed. Keep in mind that when you iron your hair you must start at least 1 cm away from the scalp to avoid burnings.